Water Testing

Water testing is easy and free. Bring in a pool sample today, have answers in minutes.


April 1st - June 1st:


After memorial weekend:


What We Do
•Remove pool cover
•Fold up cover

•Drain water bags

•30 min of vacuuming ONLY (additional vacuuming $125/hr)

•Brush pool

•Remove winter plugs & Install return jets

•Assemble deck equipment (Ladders, Handrails, Etc)

•Assemble filter, heater, chlorinator

•Add start up chemicals (Shock & Algaecide)

•Start up pool equipment
•Rinse off pool deck


What You Need To Do
•Have pool water filled over the top of the skimmer face plate (We will bring our own equipment and vacuum 4-6 inches of debris and water out of the pool.)
•Have handrails, ladders, eyeballs, skimmer baskets, etc. sitting outside


Extra Options
•Power spray cartridges + $75.00
•Store cover +$75.00
•Opening includes 30 minutes of vacuuming. It will be $125/hr for every hour after that
•We can bring any extra chemicals upon scheduling of service

Weekly Service

What We Do

$75 per visit

•Test & treat water

•Backwash filter weekly

•Clean skimmer & pump baskets

•Inspect pool equipment

•Vacuum pool if needed

•Skim water surface

•Brush walls, steps, swim outs

•Shock is included in weeklies

Chemicals are not included in weekly fee. We will add what is needed and bill same as retail store.

Home Service

$125 minimum (includes up to 20 minutes)

$75 each hour after

parts/chemicals used are additional & added to bill

In Store Repair





and more!

Prices Vary


Labor Day - Mid November


What We Do
•Blow lines, skimmers & main drain
•Plug lines
•Add antifreeze to lines
•Drain & winterize filter, pump, heater & chlorinator
•Remove handrails & ladders
•Shock pool

•Add algaecide
•Fill water bags or install safety cover


What You Need To Do:
•Set out plugs, gizmos, pipes 


Extra Options: 
•Vacuum pool $100/hr 

Summer Cover Storage


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